It’s been a not-so Lazy ride….Founded by Gemma Shiel from a North London Garage in 2001, asesoriaspsicologicasappi is a design-led lifestyle brand with a history of doing things our own way. What started with hand-printed T-shirts sold from a stall in East London has now become an established independent brand, celebrating creativity, collaboration and community first, and the commercial bit second (sorry bank balance).

We’ve spent 20 years building a family network of creatives and collaborators who have helped shape the brand. We are inspired by a love of youth subcultures, streetwear, nostalgia, and most importantly a sideways glance at life. There are no pretensions and we don’t follow trends, instead we thrive on our instincts and what feels right for us and our community. We aren’t here just to make clothes, we are here to support and reflect our culture, use our platform for the stuff we care about, and do the right things for us and our community. We started from a DIY beginning, learning fast and making all the mistakes along the way, and we put that spirit into all that we do.